Facility Manager HFC USA

Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC) is an independent and international facility management organization for hotels. HFC is a managing agent who takes care of purchasing and management of the back of house facilities.
HFC grows rapidly nationally and internationally, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Glasgow, London and New York.
To expand HFC successfully we are looking for Facility Managers for the US. You must be resident in the US. It is a fascinating and dynamic multi task role for a hands on Facility Manager.

This business model will deliver the hotels several benefits:

  • The hotel is able to focus on its core business. The Facility Manager delivers a concept which seamless connects with the hotels brand concept
  • The company delivers professionals in many disciplines and is strong in supply chain management.
  • The hotel has one contact point and one invoice on which all the support services are combined.

Job Description

The Facility Manager is responsible for the management and optimization of all aspects of the facility services within the hotel. Including: housekeeping, linen, waste management and other small facility services.
You are responsible for the management of the suppliers whom will deliver these services and for the optimization between the suppliers, as a goal to continuously strive to outstand the quality of the services delivered and to lower the total costs. On a tactical level you overlook the quality, contract agreements, process development and account management.
The Facility Manager is the account manager within the hotels and will speak to the General Manager.
If needed you will support the Sales Manager in the sales process with delivering content concerning the processes and tenders.
You will report to the Operations Director USA.

Areas of Focus:

1. Yearly operational planning
2. Manages suppliers and contracts
3. Reports to management and clients
4. Account management & Sales
5. Financial results


Bachelor’s degree in Business, Hospitality Industry, related field or equivalent practical experience.

The Facility Manager is an entrepreneurial manager. The Facility Manager is an important player in the connection between the company, client and suppliers. Therefore, the Facility Manager is very dedicated in delivering an exceptional service with a high overall quality.

Moreover, you are able to:

  • Work independently with a pragmatic view
  • Relationship oriented, understand your own responsibilities
  • Work structured, flexible and focused on the output/result
  • Entrepreneurial, take the lead and will look at a challenge as on opportunity to succeed
  • Be a good communicator; on every level within an organization
  • You understand the importance of relationship development , to investigate the needs and demands of your clients and to translate them into actions
  • You work structured but you are flexible enough to derive from a plan when necessary
  • You are willing to work hard, to go further than the competition, to be able to claim results
  • You have strong organizational skills
  • You are fluent in English
  • You have proven to be successful is a similar role in the hotel/facility market. Experience in the area of a total facility management integrated services will be an advantage. You have at least 5 years of working experience in a similar position