Thank you for making the difference

Today we want to say special thanks to our Operational Facility Management Stars! June 15th in The Netherlands, we officially celebrate the Day of the Cleaner! Happy day! We are very proud of how our people carry out their work with passion and dedication. In this interview, we learn more about the benefits of taking care of employees every single day.

Michel Vos, HFC Area Manager citizenM, Clink Hostels and KLM Crown Lounge:
“Our mission is to show our appreciation to our cleaning team every single day. In our citizenM team, for example, we think it is important to have clean uniforms. Therefore, we provide multiple working uniforms. Cleaners need their focus, and we are asking for their productivity. Offering lunches every day is a great way to allowing them to interact with co-workers and get back to work in a timely fashion. Buying lunch for your employees is a simple gesture that shows your staff that they are valued. We make sure they have a comfortable place to take a break and we monitor the work pressure on the teams. In addition, we always try to listen to all feedback and improve where we can. For HFC and our clients’ stable teams are very important. With a stable team, we can improve our daily efficiency, quality, and work on the talents for the future.”

Basia Bowzyk, EW Cleaning Manager at citizenM Rotterdam:
“I worked in different hotels before, and in 2014 I find the most amazing workplace in the world. I fell in love with the concept, the people, and the atmosphere. I want to thank my employer for giving me the chance to grow and making everyday cleaning day. citizenM is the first place so friendly department, I do not feel hierarchy between the departments. We feel like one big family. I was surprised that we get lunch for free and uniforms, all of us can always enjoy a drink from the bar. It sounds strange, but in many places is not allowed. For many employees, free lunch makes a big difference in how they feel about their company. It is not only great for building company culture, but it can also give a big boost to productivity.”

“From my point of view is the most important thing. As a guest, I would never like to stay in a place that is not properly cleaned. The first impression of a spotless room is the most important ingredient to make a good impression. The most challenging is to meet the requirements of the client and keep a high level of our services, especially in corona time.”

Guest journey
“I think also that my team is like the business card for the Hotel, very often we have personal contact with the guest on the corridors and during cleaning their rooms. Many times, they have a lot of questions for the room attendants and ask them for help on many occasions. We are also on the floors around 12 hours per day and we try to keep eye on the safety of our guest. That means we have many extra functions that let our guests have a pleasant stay.”

Thank you for making a difference
“I want to say, thank you for the dedicating and hard work. I know that they hear this from me every day, but I appreciate my team. Without them, the success of the company will be impossible. The thing I like the most in my position right now is the strong connection with members of my team. Regardless of the difficult situation now, I can still count on every single member of my team”.

“Veni Vidi Vici. In 2010 fell in love with my fiancé who lives in The Netherlands. I have a Rehabilitation Pedagogy master’s degree in my country, but I could not speak Dutch. So, I couldn’t do this same work here in Netherland. I must figure out what I can do to pay my bills. Someone give me a number to cleaning company Albatros and I started my experience there. In the meantime, I was working in amazing places in Rotterdam like Hilton Hotel, Manhattan hotel Emma hotel and Novotel hotel.”