CLEANING | “let us do what we do best and save time and costs”

If your hotel needs efficient and professional cleaning HFC is the right partner for you. Coordinating and supervising the cleaning process is our core business. With years of experience in management and cleaning, we know how to achieve your desired results. It is our expertise to hire cleaners with the right spirit matching your hotel DNA, so you can focus on your core business. Hygiene is one of the most important elements mentioned on rating sites such as and TripAdvisor. More than ever, your guests are sharing their opinion on what’s good and not so good about your hotel. Accordingly, it is crucial to take a professional approach to cleaning.

Did you know that our cleaning services go far beyond looking after the rooms?
In fact, we can contribute ideas at the very earliest stages, from when you design the rooms and other areas of your hotel. We can advise you on the type of furniture and the choice of material: is it easy to clean and maintain, or does it get dirty quickly? We even have ideas that will help you when it comes to furniture design so the cleaners can do their job more ergonomically. HFC has experience with cleaning, particularly when it comes to management. Our expertise enables us to assess professional cleaning firms anywhere in the world and we know how to select the firm that best suits your hotel.

What you can expect from our cleaning solution:
 – cleaners training
 – staff loyalty
 – room furnishing
 – logistics of the cleaning
 – guarantee safety for cleaners (ergonomic work)
 – guarantee consistent quality

LINEN | “it is our expertise to offer your guests that ‘five-star experience”

Managing a hotel can be a challenging task. However, knowing that the linens your guests are using are clean is one less headache to worry about. HFC is your partner in outsourcing the laundry process. We are here to help you offer your guest that ‘five-star’ experience. Your linen will not be shared with other hotels; they are used exclusively at your establishment. We carefully work out the amount of clean linen required, which means you no longer need storage rooms or linen trolleys. 

More benefits of outsourcing your linen are flexible use of the storage capacity previously used for your linen. You keep more space to use, perhaps for a coffee corner or gym. Our integrated strategy means that the daily supply of linen can be combined with the delivery of cleaning supplies, toiletries and spare parts. 

​Did you know that that your linen is matched to the number of passengers who check-in?
This enables the trolleys to be loaded efficiently and the same trolley is then used to dispose of the soiled linen. We check daily to see how many rooms need to be stocked. The linen trolleys are loaded per department, so the cleaners always have the right amount on hand. 

What you can expect our linen solution:
– top-quality linen
– low average costs per room
– a daily check of the amount of linen you need each day
– efficient arrangement of the transport 
– availability of the right amount of linen

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SERVICES | “benefit from an HFC Hotel Manager, your first point of contact”

Your HFC Manager is your first point of contact. The Manager will be in charge of day-to-day communication, requirements, including stock supplies, stock management, waste disposal services, fire safety, pest control, etc. The HFC Manager is responsible for the maintenance of contracts and service agreements; he or she supervises those services to make sure they are executed properly. 

Because the HFC Manager knows exactly which services are carried out and which workflows are operating in the hotel, he or she can deploy the staff efficiently. For instance, the HFC Manager can send a maintenance technician to several hotel locations in one day. We can source advantageously using large-scale contracts and are aware of all the services and workflows in operation. 

What you can expect from an HFC Hotel Manager:
– experience in hospitality
– available as your first point of contact for the services/supplies
– monitors the quality
– arrange the tendering
– discusses and negotiates the contracts and other matters

LOGISTICS | “save costs by using smart processes, not by negotiating lower prices”

What are the needs of your hotel? Which products are required? How many guests stay and how often? How to ensure that the linens and other cleaning supplies are delivered on time? We are the right partner in answering these questions. It is our goal to arrange your logistics so that your system is efficient, effective, and consistently improving. Besides the daily delivery of linens, we can supply other items that are usually only delivered when you place a minimum order. We offer no extra charges because the linen supplier was already scheduled for delivery.

Is your hotel located in the city centre? If so, you probably deal with restrictions, such as limited delivery times. A single delivery means you can have everything at once without the extra hassle.

​Our knowledge is based on the logistics process used for linens supplied to the airline industry. We know in advance what is needed, how to load it efficiently and how to do it all in one delivery. You save by using smart processes, not by negotiating lower prices. 

​What you can expect from our efficient logistics:
– we make sure the ‘front’ and ‘back’ of the house remain ‘separate’
– The goods are stored at the linen supplier’s premises
– The frequency of the deliveries can be increased by combining services

MAINTENANCE | “we are the problem solver in your daily and regular maintenance needs”

As we know, hotel maintenance can be is a full-time job that requires a lot of time and effort. HFC is specialized in solving daily and regular maintenance needs. 

The cleaners are usually the first to notice these issues and can report them directly via an app on their phone. The app automatically sends an email to the handyman, who then sees the maintenance. The problem is fixed straight away so the room is quickly available for sale again. It allows you to track all the hotel’s routine maintenance activities efficiently up to date. In addition, we also arrange regular maintenance sessions, such as periodically rinsing the showers and supervising management for the lifts. We also perform contracts for all the technical installation. 

What you can expect from HFC’s maintenance service:
– a clear overview of all the maintenance
– supervise contracts
– arrangement of the negotiations and tendering process

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