Integrating HFC into your facility business will provide a cost and risk reduction. It will even bring you higher quality and more time to spend on guest satisfaction.

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Hotel facilities according to us


Our definition and the current impact on hotels

In the past forty years the hotel industry changed into a competitive business environment in which sustainable development of travel and tourism has to ensure benefits for consumers, businesses, local people and the environment.

Due to the developments in the hotel industry and the professionalization of the facility market, hotel facility management has changed as well. Outsourcing and making fixed costs variable are trending nowadays.

Hotel facility management developed itself into a profession consisting of various disciplines: cleaning, linen management, services, logistics and maintenance. Disciplines who are responsible for a large part of the profit and loss account as well as the guest experience.

Next level Facility Management

HFC discharges hotels responsibility

We discharge hotels responsibility through contracting all facilities of the hotel and let them manage by a HFC manager.

HFC lowers your integral Facility Management cost

By lean innovative integral process management and specialized knowledge we can lower your integral facility management costs.

HFC improves quality

We perform as an dedicated facility organizer and guarantee a higher consistency of quality which we can realize by our global industry knowledge of Facility Management in hotels.

HFC offers a ‘fixed price per room sold’

Offering a fixed price per room sold makes cost variable with the occupancy of the hotel. No Facility Management costs for unsold rooms. It also means sharing risks with HFC because HFC is responsible for the balance between occupancy of the hotel and efficiency.

Hotel manager can focus on guest satisfaction

Facility concept supporting your brand concept

‘Our integrated managed solutions and partnership at strategic and tactic level strengthens your facility concept as a part of your brand concept’.

Henk den Hollander, Managing Director

We help local suppliers improve their business

Cooperation with suppliers

‘We make local suppliers more efficient.
That’s what we call part of strategic partnership.'

Annuska Veldhoen, Director Operations

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