Hygiene is one of the most important elements mentioned on rating sites. This is why a professional approach to cleaning is crucial for any hotel. In today’s world it is all about team well-being, consistency and flexibility. With our global presence and experience, that’s exactly what we take care of for you.


Hotel cleaning: never more important

The majority of hotel bookings are made through third party booking websites such as booking.com, Tripadvisor and Trivago. User reviews are an important part of all of these websites, providing an average star rating for different elements of a guest’s stay. Hygiene is one of the most important elements mentioned.

A lack of focus, team inconsistency or demotivated team members can negatively affect your hotel’s rating. Bad experiences get shared and discourage guests that are looking for a place to stay in your area. This is why every guest’s experience needs to be perfect. An immaculate room and a clean hotel are an essential part of this.


Hotel cleaning: done efficiently and professionally

If your hotel needs efficient and professional cleaning, HFC is the right partner for you. Purchasing, coordinating and supervising the cleaning process is our core focus and business. We take care of housekeeping management, hotel waste management and hire cleaners with the right spirit, matching your hotel DNA.


Independent firm selection

Our expertise enables us to assess professional cleaning firms anywhere in the world and we know how to select the firm that offers the facility cleaning services that best suit your hotel.​


Integrated cleaning services for hotels

With years of experience in management and cleaning, HFC knows how to achieve your desired results. We find that a hotel can profit from an integrated approach. We believe that strategic, integrated facility management and cleaning services are the most effective way to boost brand performance and save time and costs. Viewing facility management as a whole opens opportunities for every day improvement across the board.


Our hotel cleaning services include:

  • Professional housekeeping management and supervision;
  • Overseeing local laws and regulations;
  • Making sure that cleaners get proper training;
  • Providing chances for learning and development;
  • Upholding staff loyalty;​
  • Hotel waste management;
  • Cleaning logistics​;
  • Guaranteed safety for cleaners (ergonomic work);​
  • Data driven decision making;
  • Quality and continuous improvement.


Creating a clean-friendly environment

We like to take it a step further at HFC. Proper hotel cleaning is impossible without a clean-friendly design. HFC can contribute ideas in the design phase of your hotel, providing our cleaning perspective on the layout for the rooms and other areas. We can advise you on the type of furniture to use and help you choose easy-to-clean materials. We even have ideas that will help you when it comes to furniture design so that the cleaners can do their job more ergonomically.


Hotel cleaning services: learn more!

HFC’s starting point is an integrated approach to hotel cleaning services. We would love to assist you where we can, whether you need help with hotel cleaning on a strategic, tactical or operational level. Please contact one of our team members, give us a call at +31 (0) 85 04 32 492 or send us an email: info@hotelfacilityconcepts.com.

For all your inquiries related to our hotel cleaning services, feel free to reach out to us at Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC). Our team is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality cleaning solutions tailored to your hotel’s specific needs. Our services are designed to ensure a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for both your guests and staff. We take pride in our professional approach, and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in hotel cleanliness.

Whether you manage a boutique hotel or a large hotel chain, our wide-ranging services cover all areas of hotel cleaning, from rooms and communal areas to outdoor spaces. If you have any questions, need further information, or want to discuss your hotel’s cleaning requirements, please fill out the contact form on the right. Our team will get back to you as promptly as possible to help you create a welcoming and clean environment in your hotel.

At HFC, we value our customers' feedback and inquiries, as they aid us in continually improving our services and meeting your expectations. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are ready to serve you!