Regular cleaning and upkeep is necessary to keep your floors in tip top shape. Are you looking for a partner to take care of floor maintenance for your hotels? HFC will find the right cleaners and make sure your floors stay in excellent condition.


Clean floors, happy visitors

With guests moving in and out 24 hours a day, your hotel floors are extensively used. Floor maintenance for hotels is an important part of the guest experience. A clean floor is important to visitors, especially when they have kids or pets. Guests tend to demand high levels of cleanliness when they stay in a hotel and are quickly vexed when a hotel does not meet their standards. This is why it is important to keep the floor spotless. Not just in the rooms, but also in the public areas. Clean floors radiate a calm, clean and happy environment.


Retaining appearance and durability

When a hotel is opened, the floors are fresh and clean. But if they are not kept, this can quickly change. Your guests and staff walk many miles in your hallways, carrying luggage, trolleys and other equipment that can easily damage a floor, especially when the floor has dirt or sand on it.

Scratches and dents quickly change the appearance of a hotel, and will make it look ‘old’ or ‘ill maintained’. This directly affects your guest’s experience as they will expect the hotel to be neat and tidy.

Regular cleaning and maintenance to your floors will prevent damage and increase the lifespan of your floors. Wooden floors and tile floors especially can benefit from waxing, scrubbing or buffing. Surfaces that are exposed to the elements (such as terrace floors) may need treatment with a high pressure sprayer or surface treatment that prevents the growth of moss and algae.


Floor maintenance for hotels: done efficiently and professionally

If you are looking for a party that makes sure your floors are in excellent condition, HFC is the right partner for you. Coordinating and supervising the cleaning process is our core business. We take care of housekeeping management, hotel waste management and hire cleaners with the right spirit, matching your hotel DNA.


Independent firm selection for floor maintenance

Our expertise enables us to assess professional cleaning firms anywhere in the world and we know how to select the firm that offers the floor maintenance and cleaning services that best suit your hotel.​


Floor maintenance in hotels

What is floor maintenance in a hotel?

In a hotel, floor maintenance can have two meanings: the first is more general and encompasses all maintenance that has to be done to the hotel: cleaning, repairs, etc. The second meaning of floor maintenance is the regular cleaning and upkeep of the ground surfaces of the hotel, such as carpets, wooden floors, terraces or tiles.

Why is the maintenance of the floor important in hotels?

Hotels are traffic heavy environments. Guests move in and out of the hotel every day, carrying or pushing their luggage. Regular upkeep is needed to keep the floor clean and increase the floor’s lifespan.

What are the types of floor maintenance for hotels?

There are different ways to clean floors in hotels. Depending on the surface and the floor material, these methods can be used:

  • Vacuuming;
  • Mopping;
  • Scrubbing;
  • Buffing;
  • Burnishing;
  • Scarifying;
  • Spray cleaning.

Vacuuming and mopping will typically be done on a daily basis. The other types of cleaning will be done regularly, based on the amount of traffic.


Floor maintenance for hotels: learn more!

Our floor maintenance services are part of an integrated approach to hotel facility management. We would love to assist you where we can, whether you need help on a strategic, tactical or operational level. Please contact one of our team members, give us a call at +31 (0) 85 04 32 492 or send us an email:

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