HFC believes in creating unique experiences for anyone who steps into your office, from their arrival to their departure. With our full-service approach, we help boost your business by making your workplace a vibrant, well-managed space that leaves everyone impressed.


What makes an office a great workplace? Employees, visitors, and staff should all have a positive impression of the company they are visiting. To achieve this, HFC offers an all-inclusive service; integrated facility management. From the friendly face that welcomes your guests to the catering or security, our approach includes all services necessary for a flourishing workplace. A unique experience for each and every visitor.


Integrated facility management, full package of facility services

How to best typify the HFC way of working? Integrated facility management with a guest-oriented service approach! Successful integrated facility management is about people, and primarily about people being proud and committed. This way we ensure that your employees and guests are happy and feel engaged.

The HFC way of working makes sure all facility processes in the workplace run smoothly, that the key stakeholders and subcontractors are managed proactively and costs are under control. From our years of hotel experience, we are used to performing multiple tasks with our own integrated ambassador team. Only a limited number of tasks are carried out by an external subcontractor. This enables us to create a single line in the operation. After all, we truly believe in having the very heart of hospitality functions and services in-house!


Integrated facility management by HFC provides you with:

  • Service desk: In our philosophy, the service desk is the heart of your workplace; the central point for all internal clients. Our ambassadors are available to you 24 hours a day.
  • Community management: Nurturing strong, positive relationships among your teams for a harmonious and effective working environment. Our commitment extends beyond bricks and mortar; we understand that the heart of any thriving environment lies in its sense of community.
  • Cleaning services: Ensuring your workplace consistently radiates cleanliness and hygiene. We review cleaning routines and maximise efficiency in your cleaning programs.
  • Meeting room management: Taking care of all aspects of meeting room scheduling and administration, for hassle-free, effective meetings.
  • Security services: Keeping you, your assets and your people safe with our top-of- -line security services. Both on- and offline!
  • Catering services: Providing delicious and nutritious meals to keep everyone fueled and happy throughout the day or during important business meetings.
  • Handyman & building maintenance: For all your maintenance needs, big and small, our facility maintenance has got you covered.


Globally available hands-on service

We drive innovation and sustainability. Together with our subcontractors, we strive to use the newest and best technology available. With years of experience with international hotel management and our local specialist expertise, we help your business succeed.



What is integrated facility management (IFM)?

Traditionally, the various facility services are contracted separately, such as cleaning, building management, catering and reception services. As a result, there is little synergy between the different services. With Integrated Facility Management, HFC offers the entire package of facility services, including management.

What does integrated facility management mean for HFC?

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is a comprehensive approach to efficiently managing an organization's facilities and support services. It involves integrating various functions such as property management, facilities operations, space management, health and safety, environmental sustainability, technology integration, vendor management, asset management, financial management, and employee services. The goal is to optimize facility efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall workplace functionality.

For us, working integrally in IFM yields synergies, enabling us, as a true integral hospitality service provider, to add even more value to the guest and the guest journey. This approach ensures that not only the reception is welcoming but also the entire range of facility services is seamlessly and hospitably managed.


Experience the HFC way of running your business

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