Exceptional workplace experiences: that is what HFC is all about. To achieve that, the devil is in the detail. and that is where the difference comes in, right from the entrance and with hospitality ambassadors at your workplace.


Hospitality from hotel to workplace

We bring our experiences from the hotel industry to the corporate world. As the office becomes more and more a place where we meet our guests, we provide years of professional hospitality experience. HFC offers corporate hospitality services that deliver a customised guest-centred experience, comprehensive guest experience management with an emphasis on creating an environment that aligns with your brand. You will have access to exclusive services with a discrete and personalised attention to detail. This way we ensure that your guests' experience is flawless and reflects your company's values and standards.


Corporate hospitality: tailored to impress 

HFC specializes in corporate hospitality services that are as unique as your company. We work closely with you to understand your brand and translate this into experiences that resonate with your clients and colleagues. Our hospitality ambassadors speak their languages, are helpful, as they have the obligation to do whatever is necessary to provide the customer with services all the time, in line with the local expectations.


Customer service excellence: service desk management 

We believe that the foundation of successful hospitality lies in customer service excellence. Our service desk management embodies this principle, bringing an approachable, professional, and solution-oriented mindset to every interaction. Whether it's responding to special requests or offering insightful local recommendations, our team is dedicated to ensuring your guests leave with a memorable and positive impression.



What unique features do HFC's workplace hospitality services offer to businesses?

Our clients, employees and visitors experience our best practices, from the perspective of the hotel industry. With our proven approach, we always offer tailor-made hospitality services where professionalism, continuity and complete care are central. We do this for both hotels and offices.

How does HFC measure and maintain high levels of customer service excellence?

HFC maintains high customer service excellence through continuous staff training, regular customer feedback assessments, and implementing the latest industry best practices. We also make sure to hire the best staff with experience in the hotel industry. Our hospitality ambassadors are trained to understand and communicate the unique needs and values ​​of your organization.

Can HFC's signature hospitality services be integrated with existing corporate services?

Of course, HFC's signature hospitality services are designed for flexibility and can be integrated with your existing corporate services. We collaborate closely with your team to complement and enhance your current offerings, ensuring a unified guest experience that aligns with your business operations and objectives.

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