Do you want to make sure that your guests have everything they need? Let us take care of your hotel guest supplies. HFC offers quality cosmetics and accessories that can be customised to your brand.


Hotel guest supplies: providing the basics

The main goal for the guest supplies is providing a carefree stay. Guests may forget to pack certain items and will be happy to know that the hotel can provide them. Some hotel guests like to travel light and take as little as possible. This is why hotels started providing them with basics for personal hygiene. These items are even considered standard hotel equipment.


Guest supplies in your style

At HFC, we provide quality hotel guest supplies that live up to hotel standards. We also enable you to customise the look for these supplies to fit your hotel’s style and/or match the interior, taking your branding to another level! 

Some of the choices you will get to make:

  • The scent for your cosmetics;
  • (Therapeutic) ingredients for cosmetics;
  • Shape of the packaging;
  • Colour of the packaging;
  • Prints on the packaging;
  • (Sustainable) Material for the accessories.


Sustainable hotel guest supplies

The hospitality business is becoming more and more aware of their impact on the environment. This is why we offer eco-friendly alternatives for guest supplies that have recycled packaging or have been produced with little to no lasting environmental effects.


Logistics of hotel guest supplies

At HFC we have a lot of experience in the hospitality industry. And one of our lessons learnt is that guest utilities tend to disappear or just get used up quickly. This means two things for a hotel manager. Firstly, guests clearly need these supplies and are happy to use them. Secondly, you will have to replace all the supplies before the next guests arrive.

We approach this problem very methodically at HFC. We provide a suitable amount of guest supply refills for your hotel. These are ready to be shipped to your location. This is our pleasure and it will open up valuable storage space in your hotel.


Integrated guest supplies

We treat guest supplies for a hotel as an integrated part of your facility management. Therefore, we try to incorporate the delivery and distribution of supplies in other processes, minimising the costs and improving efficiency across the board.


Guest supplies in hotels

What is guest supply?

The guest supply refers to items which are provided by an establishment (hotel, b&b, restaurant) to enhance the guest's comfort and convenience.

What are guest supplies in hotels?

Guest supplies in hotels include all kinds of products or items that guests might need during their stay. These supplies are usually divided into cosmetics and accessories.

  • Cosmetics
    Such as: shower gels, conditioner, shampoo, body lotion and soap.
  • Accessories
    For example: toothbrushes, cotton buds, sewing kits, first aid kits, safety razors or shoe polish.

What guest supplies are needed for the guest room?

For hotel guest supplies it is all a matter of how far you want to go. Hotel guests will expect the usual sanitary supplies such as soap, shampoo and toilet paper. More luxury items can be added, depending on the rooms types and prices.


Hotel guest supplies: learn more!

Our hotel guest supplies services are part of an integrated approach to hotel facility management. We would love to assist you where we can, whether you need help with your supplies on a strategic, tactical or operational level. Please contact one of our team members, give us a call at +31 (0) 85 04 32 492 or send us an email:

For all inquiries related to Hotel Facility Concepts' services, we encourage you to reach out to us through the contact form on the right. Whether you would like more information about our hotel guest supplies, need assistance with product selection or custom orders, or have any other questions or feedback; we are here to help.

At HFC, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive hotel solutions that cater to your business' unique needs. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting your hotel in elevating its guest experience to new heights.