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Integrated pest control service for hotels

Pest control is one of many aspects of hotel management. A hotel has to cope with local pests such as rodents, birds and mosquitoes. Also, there is an increase in international travel for certain pests, such as bed bugs, that travel in luggage. If left unchecked, they quickly infest a hotel. Fortunately there are methods to get rid of all of these unwelcome guests.

At HFC, we feel that pest control should be an integrated part of your hotel facility management. It is no use to keep exterminating pests. We focus on pest prevention in every possible way, starting with a thorough analysis of the premise and an in detail view of all hotel activities that can contribute to keeping pests at bay.


Most common pests for hotels

These pests can cause health issues and/or present a danger to your guests:

1: Rodents

Rodents such as rats and mice are quick to enter any place that provides them with food and shelter, especially in areas with cold winters. Rodents are harmful because they can carry bacteria and diseases, but also because they like to nibble. This way, rodents can cause health issues and damage to your premise, for example, by destroying electric wiring.

2: Birds

Singing birds might be a welcome addition to your hotel, but some other birds are better kept at bay. Birds, especially in flocks can be a nuisance and trouble your guests when they are trying to have a quiet morning, or a nice meal. Pigeons, jackdaws, starlings and geese are known to cause damage and leave unsanitary droppings. Also, nesting birds can be a problem for hotels with chimneys or air vents.

3: Insects

There are many types of insects that can cause problems in your hotel. Some are attracted to food and smells, such as cockroaches and flies, while others might consider building a nest in your premise (hornets, wasps and bees). Most insects have little impact on your guests, but some insects can really ruin their stay. Bed bugs and mosquitoes can be a disastrous end to a good night’s sleep and cause a lot of trouble for hotel owners.  


Discreet outbreak prevention

Pests are best controlled before they start causing problems. We pay special attention to preventive measures that make your hotel as unattractive as possible to pests. This includes a full sweep of your hotel as well as regular upkeep on the premises.

The most important thing for pest control in a hotel is that guests don’t need to know about it. Our people are trained to work discreetly and always have your guest’s satisfaction in mind. HFC provides pest control services 24 hours a day. Depending on the kind of work that needs to be done, we pick a time that least affects your guest’s experience.


Quick and deadly if necessary

We value an approach based on prevention, but sometimes pests require quick and decisive action. Animals that cause a threat to your guests or damage your property need to be taken care of immediately. HFC has pest control experts ready to dispatch 24/7 and fix the problem at hand.


Pest control service: training for hotel staff

As a part of our integrated pest control services, we provide training for your staff. We teach them what to do to keep pests away from your premises and make them aware of the risks and signs for different types of infestations. We will also provide valuable information on pest control tools and products.

Teaching you staff will have several advantages:

  • Staff can take preemptive measures to prevent infestations;
  • Staff will recognize the signs for certain pests and can act accordingly;


Pest control service for hotels

What is the meaning of pest control for hotels?

Pest control for hotels encompasses a wide variety of measures taken to prevent or exterminate harmful pests that cause risk to the safety or health of guests and staff. 

What is pest control in hotel management?

Pest control is one of the components of hotel management. The challenges for a hotel manager vary, according to the hotel’s location. Some environments have a higher risk of infestations, but all hotel managers can encounter pests in the form of insects (varying from ants under the terrace to bedbugs) or other creatures like rats, mice or birds. 

How do hotels keep out bugs?

To keep out bugs it is essential to make sure that the premise is as unfriendly to insects as possible. This usually consists of three parts.

1: Precautionary measures to prevents insects from nesting in or around your property;

2: Making sure that the bugs can’t reach their preferred food source on the premise;

3: Taking action and exterminating bug nests before an outbreak.


Pest control service for hotels: learn more!

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