A hotel produces many types of waste which present their own disposal challenges. Meanwhile, hotels are expected to maximise sustainability and reduce their global footprint. This is why waste management for hotels can be a difficult task. HFC proposes an integrated approach that is environmentally friendly and keeps your guests happy.


Guests produce waste, but don’t like to see it

Hotel guests like to relax and have a good time in a clean environment. This is why the collection and disposal of waste is very important. This goes for the hotel rooms as well as the public areas. As every hotel guest produces two pounds (1 kg) of waste on average every day, waste collection and disposal are a recurring task.

Waste management for hotels is not a sexy subject, but leaving it to chance is not an option. Garbage cans piling with rubbage, food waste attracting pests or finding the last guest’s garbage in your bin: these are the worst nightmare for any hotel visitor. Guests that view your hotel as unclean or unsanitary will leave and never come back. A waste management strategy is needed to prevent waste congestion and retain the good name for your hotel.


Sustainability and recycling

As hotel owners focus more and more on their global footprint, waste management for hotels is rapidly evolving. The days of just throwing all waste in one container are over. Guests and staff are ready to go the extra mile to separate and recycle waste. But does the hotel have the facilities to do so?

This is where HFC comes in. We analyse the waste in your hotel and help you make an excellent waste management strategy that reduces the amount of waste and makes sure that all waste is recycled, upcycled or disposed of in a suitable way. 


Communication is key

Waste management for hotels relies on people to work. This is why any successful waste management technique includes clear instructions for the hotel staff and guests, letting them know how to treat waste and what to do with certain waste types. As a part of a relaxing hotel experience, waste disposal should be as easy as possible for guests.

HFC provides suitable containers and disposal units and takes care of the rest of the logistics. We make sure that people know how to dispose of their items in the most sustainable way possible. We ensure garbage collection from your hotel and transportation to the appropriate waste collection facilities. 


An integrated approach to waste

With years of experience in management and cleaning, HFC knows how to achieve your desired results. We find that hotels can profit from an integrated approach. We believe that strategic, integrated facility management and waste management are the most effective way to boost brand performance and save time and costs. Viewing facility management as a whole opens opportunities for every day improvement across the board.

Our hotel waste management services include:

  • Overseeing local laws and regulations for waste;
  • Clear focus on sustainability and future proof waste disposal;
  • Making sure that staff gets proper training on handling waste;
  • Cleaning and waste logistics​;
  • Guaranteed safety for cleaners;​
  • Quality and continuous improvement.


Waste management in hotels: FAQ

What are the types of waste in the hotel industry?

Hotels deal with many different types of waste, such as:

  • Food waste;
  • Plastic waste (bottles, packaging);
  • Glass (wine bottles, beer bottles and jars);
  • Chemical waste (for example from cleaning products);
  • Broken electrical equipment.

Many of these waste types can be collected separately and some can be recycled.

What is hotel waste called?

Waste from hotels does not have a specific name, because the waste consists of many different waste types.

What are the waste management techniques in hotels?

There are several ways in which a hotel can reduce the amount of waste being brought to landfills or burnt. For example:

  • Refraining from using wasteful products (one use plastics for example) and selecting environmentally friendly alternatives;
  • Reducing the use of harmful materials;
  • Recycling products in house;
  • Using food waste for compost;
  • Collecting recyclables such as glass, plastic, paper and food waste separately.

What are the waste management services?

Waste management services aim to relieve the customer of all the effort concerning waste. The waste management services for hotels include:

  • Providing the customer with suitable waste containers;
  • Waste collection on site;
  • Waste removal from site;
  • Waste recycling and/or;
  • Waste disposal.


Waste management for hotels: learn more!

Our waste management services are part of an integrated approach to hotel facility management. We would love to assist you where we can, whether you need help with hotel waste on a strategic, tactical or operational level. Please contact one of our team members, give us a call at +31 (0) 85 04 32 492 or send us an email: info@hotelfacilityconcepts.com.

Our Cleaning solutions

If your hotel needs efficient and professional cleaning HFC is the right partner for you. Coordinating and supervising the cleaning process is our core business. With years of experience in management and cleaning, we know how to achieve your desired results. It is our expertise to hire cleaners with the right spirit matching your hotel DNA, so you can focus on your core business. Hygiene is one of the most important elements mentioned on rating sites such as Booking.com and TripAdvisor. More than ever, your guests are sharing their opinion on what’s good and not so good about your hotel. Accordingly, it is crucial to take a professional approach to cleaning.

In fact, we can contribute ideas at the very earliest stages, from when you design the rooms and other areas of your hotel. We can advise you on the type of furniture and the choice of material: is it easy to clean and maintain, or does it get dirty quickly? We even have ideas that will help you when it comes to furniture design so the cleaners can do their job more ergonomically. HFC has experience with cleaning, particularly when it comes to management. Our expertise enables us to assess professional cleaning firms anywhere in the world and we know how to select the firm that best suits your hotel.​