(foto v.r.n.l. Jan Lamme, Kimberley Roersma and Jan Wulf van Alkemade)

Charlie Braveheart Foundation believes in reducing stress and pain during hospital treatments for children. Hospital treatments for children ranging from First Aid Posts to Orthopedics, Burns Units, Rheumatology, ENT and Oncology, can be a traumatic experience. The Foundation aims to make the unbearable more bearable.

Jan Wulf van Alkemade, Chairman Charlie Braveheart Foundation: “It is our mission to train medical nursing professionals to help alleviate children’s suffering by being able to apply special tools such as focus language, hypnosis, music, technology and sedation by laughing gas.”

The Foundation strives to train 500 healthcare professionals in 80 Dutch hospitals annually and ultimately to familiarize a minimum of 2500 people with these effective tools within five years. A knowledge platform is developed where research and knowledge are shared for these educational purposes to improve the child-focused approach further the health care system.

Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC) has supported the Charlie Braveheart Foundation since the beginning. Jan Lamme, Board Member HFC: “As an entrepreneur, father and family man, we have been very committed ambassadors to this foundation and her goals from the beginning.”

Kimberley Roersma, Commercial Director HFC: “With great pleasure, we yearly donate financially to support the Foundation. It is impressive what the Foundation manages to accomplish. The development of the knowledge platform, the specially developed Toolkit and the increasing impact on the Dutch healthcare system.”

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