Sustainable excellence in hospitality 

At Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC), we go further than just providing outstanding hospitality. We strive to create an environment where hospitality is not just about the services we provide, but also about the impact we have on our community and our planet. At a time when sustainability is not only valued, but expected, we are proud to announce our partnership with PHI Factory, experts in shaping and implementing successful Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. 

The ESG framework 

Together, we strive for sustainable excellence in hospitality and want to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our focus is on the ESG framework, integrating the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance to enhance the guest experience while protecting our planet and strengthening communities. HFC is committed to making both its internal operations and customer services more sustainable.   

To achieve our ambitions, we have set concrete goals for the coming years. These goals guide our efforts to contribute to the goals of the 2030 Agenda. Within each business unit, we have identified different environmental, social and governance milestones that focus on different ESG opportunities. 


We will look at: 

Environment Pillar : Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Waste Management, Carbon Emission, Supplier Biodiversity Benchmark, Minimizing Toxic Chemicals 

Social Pillar: Healthy working conditions, Safe work environment, Equility, People Empowerment, Inclusion, ISV supply chain 

Governance Pillar: Transparency & reporting, Business ethics, Compliance, Stakeholder engagement, Business conduct 

By focusing on these environment milestones and ESG opportunities, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and make a positive contribution to society. 

HFC sustainability ambition  

As part of the collaboration, we have formulated our sustainability ambition: 

"HFC wants to drive the ambition to take action on ESG together with their suppliers and customers towards the 2030 Agenda." 

We are committed to delivering on this ambition by taking concrete steps and working together with all our stakeholders. With this partnership and our joint efforts, we are committed to a sustainable future of hospitality, where excellence and responsibility go hand in hand. 


About PHI Factory

PHI Factory is a passionate and driven consultancy firm that supports organisations in the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. PHI Factory helps companies to translate their circular ambitions into concrete and verifiable goals. The agency offers various services, including strategic advice, behavioural change and the use of innovative tools such as the PHI Accelerator, an online serious game that challenges colleagues to take joint steps towards a circular economy. PHI has a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and that is to accelerate all organizations in the Netherlands towards a circular economy by 2050.


Contact us via to find out how we can help you take your hotel's operations to the next level while embracing the collective ESG responsibilities. Let's build a better future together!