We want to introduce you to Anna Kniep, Procurement Manager and Kimberley Roersma, Commercial Director. HFC, is your global strategic facility managing agent for hotels and commercial real estate. Anna and Kimberley will take you into their worlds of global hospitality, commercial real estate, and facility management in the coming period. Within HFC, they are globally responsible for supplier selection, purchasing, contracting, and commercial activities. In a series of blogs, they will share their vision and knowledge on important themes, trends, and developments such as sustainability, technology and flexibility.

We are passionate

Anna joined HFC in October 2021, and Kimberley joined HFC in January 2021. Together with their new and energetic team, Anna and Kimberley are working closely to expand the current global hotel and commercial real estate portfolios. This means frequent contact with international suppliers, guests, hotels, and property owners. As we all know, the world is changing rapidly, and Anna and Kimberley are pleased to share their knowledge, best practices, and experiences in their daily working life in a series of blogs.

Anna: "I am driven by close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. In my day-to-day job, there is a lot of focus on reaching targets and making sure our partners, clients and employees are satisfied. All this can only be achieved by the right partnerships at which passionate people stand at the heart".

HFC is a one-stop-shop partner for hotels and commercial real estate operators and owners. Our proven integrated facility management approach offers tailor-made hospitality and facility solutions, in which professionalism and ownership are the fundamentals. Our focus is on managing the guest experience in facility services, intending to impact our clients' brand performance and value positively. The advantage of working for clients in different markets is that we build best practices from different perspectives of hotel operators, real estate owners and office building operators.

We connect

Kimberley: "I grew up in a hotel family. From an early age, I was often in hotels, and by the time I was four, I was already holding a tray in my hands. Hospitality runs through my veins, and a full hotel lobby full of activity and sociability makes me intensely happy. In my daily work, I love nothing more than connecting people, creating value and developing and maintaining sustainable partnerships".

Anna and Kimberley closely work together. Their mission is to create a better guest experience in facility services and thereby positively impact our clients' brand performance and value.

With a background in e-commerce, manufacturing and F&B, Anna has a wide range of experience in supplier relationship management, procurement processes, cost control and innovations. In Anna's current position, these elements play a vital role in driving continuous improvement at HFC.

Kimberley has a background in hotel operations and real estate; she worked for Kempinski in Abu Dhabi and Hilton Worldwide cluster Benelux. Besides hospitality, Kimberley also has a deep interest in sustainability and innovations. In 2016 she founded Mother Nature Cleans, a sustainable start-up focusing on eliminating all cleaning chemicals in hotels, offices, schools, retail etc., by using Stabilized Aqueous Ozone. Ever since the passion for facility management was born. In Kimberley's current position bringing the hotel, commercial real estate and facility management industry together is a unique niche where hidden undiscovered value.

We take ownership

The role of Procurement Manager at HFC is fairly new, and it gives Anna an excellent opportunity to create a function that didn't exist before. It is extremely exciting, but it can also be challenging at times. Taking complete ownership throughout this process helps shape the department's future.

Kimberley: "Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is new to the international hotel industry, however in the commercial real estate industry IFM is common and successfully proven. The commercial real estate industry is seeking hospitality and is looking at hotels to translate hospitality concepts to offices and real estate buildings. Working together with Anna, researching markets en finding the right facility management suppliers for our partners is a celebration every day. Connecting all these industries means that we are shaping the future together. We are not afraid for the unknown, together we calculate, analyze and negotiate best terms and conditions for our partners to realize utmost satisfaction!"

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Please feel free to contact Anna via anna.kniep@hotelfacilityconcepts.com or Kim via kimberley.roersma@hotelfacilityconcepts.com.