Photo Team Meeting Paris
f.l.t.r. Mathieu Lacabanne, Joel Ehrhardt, Dirk Koekkoek, Anne Catherine Waelterle, Kimberley Roersma, Ben Kynoch

2022 first quarter generated a lot of hope and positive energy. We could witness a sustainable ramp up in terms of occupancy worldwide. Some of the hotels are already back to the pre-covid level. It also brought a lot of challenges. In Europe, occupancy rose suddenly and tremendously. It highlighted the global labour shortage that the hotel industry currently faces, which I believe is not going away anytime soon.

Mathieu Lacabanne (Operations Director): “While we can acknowledge a clear boost in hiring lately, many of those individuals are new to the industry and need to be trained from scratch in already busy environments. The early rollout of an opt-in housekeeping practice helped us cope with the demand and deliver services. Guest satisfaction levels, however, are not back to pre-pandemic, and it needs to be addressed. Our focus for the second quarter will be to help our suppliers to consolidate and secure stability within their teams. We also need to be creative in attracting the right talents and onboarding them properly. The hotel industry is changing, and housekeeping is one department that is recreating itself first. We are looking forward to the future where HFC aims to be on top of it and be the most desired strategic facility management agent for hotels and commercial real estate."

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