Photo Co-founders Plekky
L: Casper Noordhuizen R: Tom Remy

Once considered a place to do business, the office became a lifestyle extension among Generation Z, who value more than just a desk. Instead, they want an engaging, healthy, and resilient working environment where they can socialize, make friends, and build connections to support their ambitions. This challenges us to look at efficiency, office buildings and employee satisfaction in a new and innovative way. HFC and Plekky are companies that jump on this bandwagon and can help organizations with the changing demand.  

While we now all know that it's perfectly possible to work individually at home for a lot of professions, the office is still a place to come physically together and inspire each other. Maybe even more so, because we spend less time there than we used to and want to make it count. There is a growing need for flexibility within companies' existing rental contracts. With fewer people in their buildings, many companies don't have to maintain big, expensive offices anymore. It's time we all take a critical look at the part the office plays in our work life and how we can use available space in a more valuable and sustainable way. 

Tom Remy (Co-owner Plekky): "Plekky meets and tracks the developments in this field and connects them smartly to the increasing demand for flexibility and innovation in the Dutch office market. We match established companies with startups to create inspiring incubator spaces. Plekky helps with every aspect of this process, from dividing the space with circular walls to managing the monthly (sub)-leasing fee. We wholeheartedly believe that an in-house incubator space with a startup at the office gives every company a tremendous boost."

The office has an increasingly vital function to bring staff together for multiple reasons: from human well-being to work efficiency. Employees should enjoy coming to the office, meeting each other in person, and getting inspired by the people and spaces around them. That way, you can keep your company happy, healthy and focused on striving for the best results.

Stijn von der Fuhr (Commercial Manager HFC): "We are seeking pathways to a better working environment by creating workplaces that encourage a sense of belonging and engage communities. We approach commercial real estate as a hotel where everything revolves around the guest, a total experience and where expectations are exceeded. By perceiving office visitors or so-called end-users as guests instead of tenants, HFC and Plekky are aligned in the way of thinking. We share the vision that there is a huge potential to unlock in the traditional commercial real estate market...

...and we encourage companies to take that next step. Together with Plekky, we strive to make buildings more intelligent and humane by looking at the potential of available office space, inspiring organizations, and stimulating tomorrow's startups. That's why we are joining forces to impact the commercial real estate market positively."

Interested in our collaboration or curious about what we can do for your organization? Please contact Stijn von der Fuhr – or Tom Remy –