Photo from left to right: Mark van der Linde, Stijn von der Fuhr, Pancras Evers, Vanessa Versteegh, Peter Kalden, Tessy van Wijnen and Eva de Vree 

PRESS RELEASE — Huisman, a global leader in the development and production of technical equipment for the offshore and maritime industry, proudly announced that they have entrusted their facility services, including operators and service desk activities, to HFC Integrated Facility Management (HFC) effective July 2023. As a specialist in integrated facilities services, HFC is an important partner for Huisman in its continued development of facility management activities. The goal of this long-term strategic partnership is to further strengthen operational efficiency and ensure seamless support for daily operations. 

Stijn von der Fuhr, Commercial Manager for HFC tells us more. “This partnership is the result of a good fit for our strategic objectives and ambitions. In recent years, major investments have been made in preparation for organizational growth, a process in which we are currently involved. The partnership with Huisman is also a perfect match for our drive for continuous development and originated from a direct customer need. HFC fulfills this need, bringing with it eleven years of international hospitality experience to the unique location in Schiedam. As an important industrial market player, Huisman’s work environment is expected to exude hospitality. And this is where HFC directly adds value. The match between both Huisman and HFC’s DNA has resulted in a long-term partnership.  We are excited to boost the level of the facilities organization through innovative technology and sustainable solutions. In every aspect, we are ready to unlock the full potential of the Huisman facilities organization!" 

Peter Kalden, Manager Facility & Maintenance at Huisman: “We are thrilled about this step forward in our facility management activities. The decision to work with HFC was based on their proven track record in supplying high-quality customized services. In addition to providing these superior services, we are convinced that we have found a valuable business partner that can also support us in meeting a variety of complex facility challenges that the market presents."

Prior to signing the contract, the start of the new partnership was celebrated with the entire facilities team. On Wednesday, August 23, the agreement between Huisman and HFC was confirmed and signed by Peter Kalden, Facility Manager at Huisman Equipment and Pancras Evers, CEO at HFC. 

Vanessa Versteegh, Business Manager for HFC on the implementation: “The successful result of our implementation approach has proven itself over and over again. Together, we are responsible for the transition and continuity and quality of the service. HFC has ensured that the implementation will result in a smooth transition. Thanks to weekly meetings about progress and transparency in communication,  we gained and maintained great trust throughout the implementation. This trust was built in order to optimize and implement various aspects of facility management in a professional and structured manner.”

About Huisman Equipment
Huisman Equipment is a prominent global organization that specializes in the development and manufacture of technically advanced equipment and solutions for the offshore, maritime and heavy industrial sectors. Backed by a rich history that dates back to 1929, Huisman is known for its innovative approach and customization for cranes, pipelay and drilling systems, and other complex structures that are crucial to the efficient and safe operation of offshore activities. The organization has built a strong reputation worldwide thanks to continued technological progress and the delivery of high-quality solutions that satisfy the industry’s most demanding requirements.  

About HFC  
HFC is an international hospitality and soft services specialist for workplaces, hotels and is active in seven European countries (the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, England, Ireland and Scotland) and the United States. As a reliable facility management partner, HFC is responsible for all the FM and hospitality services for its clients’ hotels and workplaces.  HFC Integrated as part of HFC, focuses on the unburdening of clients by performing facility tasks at the management level, support tasks at the operational level and advisory tasks at the strategic level. Active in a variety of sectors, HFC works for partners such as CitizenM, T-Mobile, Mall of the Netherlands, Hoogwegt International and Vattenfall. 

Interested in what HFC can do for your workplace? Contact Commercial Manager Stijn von der Fuhr by email: or telephone: +316 83 87 73 75.