HFC has received the ISO9001:2015 certificate. For us as HFC, our partners and customers, the certification confirms the quality of our services, internal and external processes, and the added value that we contribute. With this, we have received the official confirmation of a successful ISO audit for quality management of its HFC Group.

Dirk Koekkoek, Business Improvement Manager at HFC: “We are very proud to have obtained ISO 9001 certification. This certification makes tangible what we have committed to and worked hard for in recent years. And it makes it more explicit to our current and future employees, partners, and customers that we, as an integrated facility management agent, test quality, make it provable and actively manage it.”

HFC will test the internal audits yearly to assess whether the system still corresponds to the intended purpose. In 2023 we will also start making ESG and sustainability part of our improvement cycle, which is already an essential part of our services.