(f.l.t.r. Amanda Boesjes, Henk den Hollander, Jan Roersma, Pancras Evers, Vincent Koks, Kimberley Roersma)

Jan Roersma, the owner of Hospitality Support Group (HSG) and Pancras Evers, managing director of Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC), signed the cooperation agreement on 1 July. HSG's activities as an expert in hotel consultancy, development, and investment are to be accommodated under the same holding as HFC. As far as HSG is concerned, this cooperation heralds a new chapter with a new owner that serves international hotels and hotel chains in Europe and the United States with facility services through integral facility management. Hence HFC bolsters its strategic position within the international hotel industry in hotel real estate and strategic facility management. HSG and HFC will continue to operate independently and retain their names.  

Jan Roersma: "I am pleased that HSG has found a strong new partner in HFC with an international focus. HFC also has an enormous drive to deliver innovative, sustainable, and excellent customer service 24/7. In my search for a new HSG partner this drive, operational excellence and international character were decisive aspects to my mind."  

Expansion of the Hotel Facility Conceptsservice package 
HFC, the international strategic facilities multiservice provider, has a mission to create the best guest experience possible while positively impacting brand value, profit, and real estate to boot. With the acquisition of HSG, HFC expects to be able to assist its hotel partners even more effectively in improving their brand experience while elevating the value of their real estate from the development phase up to and including the operational phase.  

Pancras Evers: "HSG is the ideal addition to our international value proposition with its enviable combination of knowledge and experience in hotel real estate and hotel operation in the broadest terms. In addition to Integrated Facility Management (IFM), we can now respond to our client's wishes in various other areas of expertise. HFC is already operating as a consultant, one example being for a challenging hybrid hospitality project in London with Private Equity advice from initiation to the right up to completion. The combination with HSG is therefore also more than welcome. In this way, the international hotel industry, owners, developers and financiers can involve us from day one to obtain the right hotel, in the right location, with the most efficient facility management operation possible."

(f.l.t.r. Amanda Boesjes, Pancras Evers, Kimberley Roersma)

European ambitions of the Hospitality Support Group 
Over the past 15 years, under Jan Roersma and Amanda Boesjes, HSG has proved to be a valuable partner for hotel owners, developers, and financiers in the Benelux. HSG's ambition is to ensure that suitable hotels are developed at the right location under the right conditions. Many factors are of influence here which are covered by the HSG's method of operation. Amanda Boesjes becomes managing partner, and Jan Roersma is appointed non-executive director of the HFC Group.  

Amanda Boesjes: "Knowledge gained from HFC's operations is invaluable for HSG's real estate services. Hotel real estate is operationally bound real estate, meaning optimal operation and guest satisfaction have a direct influence on the value of the building. Sharing their knowledge will allow HFC's and HSG's services to flourish. Hotel development is controlled based on operation whereby value creation originates in all facets."  

Creating opportunities for customers
Joining forces means partners will be served even better now and in the future. Both companies will initially operate separately, meaning there will be no changes in normal points of contact. After the first strategic reconnaissance, HFC and HSG will exchange knowledge and expertise and further develop and intensify their cooperation.  

Kimberley Roersma, commercial director of HFC and Amanda Boesjes, managing partner of HSG, are immediately working on creating opportunities for customers and having them reap the benefits of cross-pollination between HFC and HSG wherever possible.

For customers of HSG, the objective is for the value of the property to increase as the efficiency of operation becomes greater. Conversely, HFC customers can benefit significantly from HSG's approach to expanding their hotel portfolio.

More about Hotel Facility Concepts  
HFC is a one-stop shop partner for hotels and commercial real estate, operators, owners, developers, and financers. The focus is on managing the guest experience in facility services to create a positive impact on the brand value, profit, and value of our partners' real estates. They achieve this by drawing on in-depth knowledge and experience in the procurement and management of facility services across various hotel chains in Europe and the US. With this expertise, they help clients improve facility service results based on a strategic partnership relationship. In addition to clients in the hotel market, these services are also deployed in the office market, where the need for an approach to end users like that of a hotel guest has increased significantly. The advantage of working for clients in different markets is the accrual of best practices from the different perspectives of hotel operators, property owners and office building operators.  

More about the Hospitality Support Group  
HSG and Jan Roersma are well-known in the Dutch hotel real estate industry. They have more than 15 years of experience in the field, including feasibility studies, market research and project management. HSG is a reliable and professional partner offering expert guidance for hotel real estate owners through the dynamic hotel environment. Experience in the hotel industry and specialist knowledge of the hotel market are of great value in conducting market research and writing various reports.