Recently Milou Huisman joined our HFC IFM family as an Operational Manager. She brings over 15 years of Hospitality experience, and her objectives are to take care of our commercial real estate partners and hospitality co-workers. “Hospitality is important for every type of business, and it’s in my DNA. I love to spread Hospitality and set an example for employees. To provide the excellent service and all the necessary facilities so they can do their jobs with pleasure in a nice environment and working atmosphere.”, Milou says. In this interview we learn more about her challenges and vision on hospitality.

The perfect match
“After graduating from Hotel- and Hospitality Management, she worked as a front desk worker in several hotels and got promoted to Front Office Manager. Milou career got followed by a switch to a different branch, and she became a Facility coordinator with several clients. Loving the hotel branch but desiring regular work hours, she became Hospitality Coordinator. In this position, she also worked with Vanessa Versteegh for Receptel. Vanessa (Business Manager HFC IFM) and I ran into each other again in the summer of 2021 at the Facto Congress, we talked about her challenges and the job opening, and there was the perfect match.”

The best service
“The most rewarding in my work is having happy co-worker’s who shine, and the guests will experience this. The most rewarding is recognition when you bring Hospitality to the next level; it works contagiously. The best Hospitality service is hotel service because we always talk about guests, whether you’re an employee, supplier, client, or actual guest. Everyone needs to experience the 9+ Hospitality of a hotel in every business, no matter what. My key element is that I come to form the operation, and I still love to be a host/ receptionist myself, so I exactly know what I’m talking about with all my co-worker’s and live up to spread Hospitality with all our clients."

"HFC is a fast-growing company, and I feel at home. We keep growing and see the importance of live Hospitality and will not let the technology catch up with Hospitality. Soon I would like to see the potential partners join, and I love to be part of this new projects."

Excellent service
"It’s all about making a difference with your guests in every type of business and letting them experience what Hospitality really is. The journey starts and ends for guests, so of enormous importance to every company. Every guest need and deserves a custom approach and providing this is of paramount importance. I think this mentality makes HFC different to others. The most challenging is considering solutions and not believing in problems and managing the days with everything that comes ahead. Being able to switch constantly during the day is a must in this business. At the same time, it is my favourite part of my job, never a dull moment, every day is different, every partner is different, and every co-worker, supplier and guest are different, and they all need a custom approach."

Family first
"Besides working full-time for our partners and Hospitality co-workers, I like to spend time with my family. As they say: family first! My parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew and niece, live nearby. My nephew and niece often stay for sleepovers, and I make them breakfast in bed, watch movies with them and love being around them. We play board games with my family, enjoy food together at least once a week and go on the luxury kind of holidays. Ibiza is my favourite travel spot; I love all its bays, nature, culture and of course, because it’s THE party-island. I also love being with them and love spending time with my friends. Dinner, drinks, movies, going out, you name it. We met in High School more than 20 years ago and still have a special friendship! I would like to pick up my sport again when we are allowed again, pole moves or sportive pole dancing. It takes a lot of strength to exercise, so I hope I haven’t lost too much power in time so I can pick up where I started."

If there’s a will, there’s a way!
"To me, success is about setting targets and achieving goals. It’s not about always wanting more but being happy and satisfied with what I have achieved already. I am inspired by those in control in business and in personal life. It is so rewarding to achieve goals by giving everything they have and believing they will succeed. Believe in yourself! If there’s a will, there’s always a way."