(Photo: Kimberley Roersma, Joachim de Looij, Floor-Jan van der Linden, Gisela Boersma)

The Usual proudly announces Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC) as their global strategic facility managing agent for their integrated back-of-house facility services, effective from January 2024. The Usual, a new hotel brand and destination for guests who appreciate the 'good stuff', opens hotels in Rotterdam, Brussels, and Antwerp. As a global strategic facility managing agent for hotels, HFC is an essential partner for The Usual to focus on managing the guest experience in sustainable facility services. The goal is to impact the clients' brand performance and value positively. This collaboration promises to redefine the standards of sustainability within the hospitality industry. 

Key elements and opportunities

The partnership is rooted in the shared expertise of both teams, with a keen focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and guest satisfaction. Trust and specialization form the core of their approach, with HFC taking charge of the 'back of the house' operations. This includes cleaning, linen management, waste management, pest control, window cleaning and floor maintenance, allowing The Usual to concentrate on its core business in delivering exceptional guest experiences. 

"This year marks our entry into the hospitality landscape," Joachim de Looij, CEO at The Usual expresses, "Our goal is to set a sustainable example for the industry and expand our presence across Europe. HFC's expertise in the domain will be instrumental in helping us make an impact and grow." 


Kimberley Roersma, Commercial Director at HFC adds, "Our collaboration is centered on achieving day-to-day operational excellence, maximizing guest satisfaction, and fostering continuous innovation. With a footprint across Europe and the USA, HFC brings a wealth of market data and facility management proficiency, ensuring the evolution of The Usual's product." 


About the Usual

The Usual is an innovative hospitality concept where every detail has been carefully considered – with an eye for aesthetics, quality, and longevity. A hybrid design hotel opening in Rotterdam and Brussels early next year, they believe they can offer people a more responsible way to experience new cities where comfort, design, well-being, awareness, and fun come together seamlessly.

A group of non-traditional hospitality experts founded The Usual; they present a future-proof hotel concept that connects people and the environment. They do this by providing insight into the environmental impact of their activities and reducing them where possible. They also have an eye for social cohesion and connection between guests and locals. Their dream is never to let all these big ambitions get in the way of fun and comfort. All so their guests can connect with themselves, the city, and the rest of the world.


About HFC
Hotel Facility Concepts is a global strategic facility managing agent for hotels and is active in Europe (the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Ireland and Scotland) and the United States. Worldwide, HFC works with hotel owners, operators, and investors to structure, process, and manage all back-of-house activities and costs to achieve the most efficient, valuable, centralized, and sustainable hotel portfolios. HFC is a data- and tech-driven facility managing agent with sustainability in her DNA, an important shared fundamental for this strategic partnership. HFC also works for clients such as citizenM, BobW, the Social Hub and Yotel.

Inspiring change through hospitality

Joachim recounts the journey that sparked this alliance, "Over a year ago, our companies first met, and it was clear we shared common values and a vision for sustainability that resonated deeply with our brand ethos. After two years of productive discussions, brainstorming and analysis, we are on the cusp of opening our doors, armed with a partnership aligned in mission and practice."

Kimberley recalls, "Our strategic brainstorming sessions were crucial and fundamental. We jointly elaborated on product propositions, sustainability definitions, cost underwritings, and the practicalities of day-to-day hotel operations. We developed a code of conduct focused on the latest certifications, material selections and supplier criteria. Now that our opening is getting closer, our partnership is fundamental to our shared commitment to excellence and sustainability."

Future perspective regarding sustainability

Gisela Boersma, ESG manager at The Usual: “Our efforts go beyond a few environmental projects by supporting local biodiversity with green spaces and insect gardens. At the same time, we are committed to social initiatives and helping people struggling to bridge the distance to the labour market. This way, we contribute to the environment and social welfare in the long term. Thus, we strive for sustainability by making a difference to the environment and communities in which we operate.”

The Usual is confident in becoming an inspiration for regenerative hospitality, focusing on nurturing communities, inclusivity, and sustainable growth. With HFC as a strategic partner, The Usual is set to embark on a journey that transcends mere profit-making, aiming to inspire guests and employees to embrace and contribute to a more sustainable future.


We connect, we take ownership, we are passionate

Floor-Jan van der Linden, Operations Director at HFC, adds, "HFC has a global presence and years of experience and market knowledge in different countries and cities. Combined with our tailored scope of integrated facility management services and solutions, we make a difference and know how to unlock value. Our focus is offering suitable facility solutions with the right partners and ensuring quality for our clients. We are experienced in creating and maintaining relationships that we design and build on common goals. Our interactions are built on respect, trust, and transparency. We take ownership, and we are reliable and deliver on our promises. I am proud to have the confidence of The Usual to take on the facility business within their business. We are passionate and committed to succeeding in our journey together and doing the utmost to go the extra mile in our partnership.


Do you want to transform your operations and back-of-house management to optimize your operational efficiency and sustainable strategy? Please contact Joachim or Kimberley and take the first step towards a seamless, sustainable, and excellent hospitality journey!


Joachim de Looij (CEO the Usual) joachim.delooij@theusual.com

Kimberley Roersma (Commercial Director HFC) kimberley.roersma@hotelfacilityconcepts.com