Supply chain disruption. It's a frequently used term over the last two years, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, companies were being affected. As HFC, we experienced more difficulties connecting with the right people in the supply chain, resolving problems and responding quickly to unexpected events. As a managing agent, our goal is to achieve progress within today's markets, and we do recognize the importance of great collaborations with our suppliers. Mayfair Hotel Supply is one of our hotel suppliers. Let's focus on how our successes are related to the partnership.

Mark Spavale (HFC Area Manager East Coast US): "During the pandemic the supply chains were broken, shipping became a high stakes game. Also, partners that we had worked with faded away. Now, as certain aspects of the trade come back slowly, finding the correct supply items at the right cost to be delivered at the right time is also proven challenging."

  "Our US team found a great supplier in Mayfair Hotel Supply. For our US client, HFC chose Mayfair due to the relationship that was developed with Jill Szuba (Consultant Mayfair Hotel Supply) during the pandemic. Mayfair stayed the course with us as they were able to source and secure product that their competition could not."

Jill Szuba: "Since 1946, Mayfair has been supplying the hotel industry with a wide variety of hospitality solutions in addition to the latest and greatest trends. Mayfair can be the single source for all HFC's facility's needs, due to our partnerships with 100's of manufacturers!"

Mark: "We have worked with Mayfair since August of 2020 but have cultivated the relationship with Jill for many years. She understands our business model, needs and expectations of our day-to-day operations. Without savvy, market aware partners, HFC could not continue recommending and supplying our client's properties. The information must flow smoothly and quickly through the supply chain. Mayfair not only has the products we need but also a team with a heart. We work together seamlessly without effort. Plus, we make each other laugh and smile in our daily communications, especially in those moments when we need it most. This industry can be challenging and to know that we have the right partner for our needs is paramount to our success."


Mark: "I think it's big a plus that Mayfair partners with their regional distribution partners, which enables them to ship regionally vs. shipping across state or country. This is turn, reduces the transportation carbon footprint. They source out economic brands along with environmentally friendly options. Mayfair is integral to our success because they supply the bulk of our day-to-day supplies needed for our vendors and clients to operate effectively and efficiently. To be successful in 2022, HFC needs all our partners to share the same vision and values. With these, we can obtain the results our client is looking to achieve." 

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