(Photo: Joost van Beek, Gijs van Ravenhorst, Kimberley Roersma, Pancras Evers, Michel Vos)

Located in Europe's most dynamic cities, hybrid hospitality company The Social Hub is much more than a hotel. The Social Hub's unique model means it is as flexible as it gets, welcoming travellers, students, businesspeople, digital nomads, locals and more within its dynamic spaces carefully designed to learn, stay, work and play. These include short and extended stay hotel rooms, co-working areas, restaurants and bars, meeting and event spaces for functions big or small, and a whole lot more. All this comes together with experiences designed to create connections and generate social impact on all those who walk through its doors.

Hotel Facility Concepts will assist The Social Hub in strengthening her position on quality, set state-of-the-art cleanliness and hygiene standards and develop a global and scalable facility management solution. With extra focus on sustainability, digitalization and team well-being.

The power of partnership
Gijs van Ravenhorst, Senior Procurement Manager at The Social Hub: “We are delighted with our strategic partnership, we believe we have found the right partner in HFC following our category strategy of having experts where expertise is key. The incorporation of specialists, and the dedicated local presence, will not only streamline our processes but significantly strengthen our product quality positioning.”

Joost van Beek, Chief Operating Officer at The Social Hub: “This collaboration demonstrates the power of combining skills, knowledge, and hands-on commitment for sustainable success in our hotel operations. Our first hotel opened in 2012 in Rotterdam and 12 years later we are opening the 18th hub in Glasgow.  With 5 more hotels to be opened in the coming two years across Europe, having a global facility management expert on board with a strong focus on quality and operations is key to turning our ambitions into reality.”

Kimberley Roersma, Commercial Director at Hotel Facility Concepts: “With presence in Europe and the USA and extensive experience in these different countries and cities, HFC brings years of market knowledge. Our tailored package of integrated facilities services sets us apart, enabling us to add value and unlock potential. We prioritize delivering appropriate solutions through strategic partnerships, ensuring quality results for our partners”.

Pancras Evers, Managing Director at Hotel Facility Concepts: "We are honored to be partners in shaping The Social Hub's thriving and sustainable future, committed to continued growth and expansion. Together, we are embarking on a journey full of shared successes”.

Michel Vos, Regional Manager at HFC adds: “We are passionate, take ownership and build connections with our supplier and local teams to achieve meaningful and impactful results."

Globally, HFC works with hotel owners, operators and investors to structure, streamline and oversee all back-of-house operations and spends, aiming for optimal efficiency, value, centralization and sustainability across all hotel portfolios. As a data- and technology-driven facilities manager deeply rooted in hotel back-of-house operations, HFC embodies significant shared values, making it a vibrant partner in this strategic alliance. Other clients of HFC include citizenM, BobW, the Usual and Yotel.

About The Social Hub  
Driven by a purpose to create a better society, The Social Hub is a pioneer in the hybrid hospitality industry, offering spaces where guests from all walks of life can learn, stay, work and play. With hotels located across Europe’s most dynamic cities, The Social Hub connects and creates a unique community of travellers, students, business professionals, neighbours, and more.

From hotel facilities, student and extended stay rooms, co-working spaces, through to auditoriums, gyms, event spaces and a comprehensive social impact programme, The Social Hub is a place where people can connect and learn from one another, build a community and engage in unique experiences that help spark ideas and make change happen.

Founded in 2012, The Social Hub is headquartered in Amsterdam and counts with more than 1,000 employees. The Social Hub’s total locations amount to 23, including 17 hotels and over 10,000 rooms currently operating in Amsterdam (two hubs), Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Delft, Eindhoven, Florence, Groningen, Maastricht, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, San Sebastián, The Hague, Toulouse, and Vienna.

Six hubs are currently in development and opening in 2024 in Glasgow, Porto & Florence Belfiore, Rome in 2025, and Lisbon and Turin further ahead. For more information: www.thesocialhub.co

 Do you want to transform your operations and back-of-house management to optimize your operational efficiency and sustainable strategy? Please feel free to contact Kimberley Roersma and take the first step towards a seamless, sustainable, and excellent hospitality journey.

Kimberley Roersma: kimberley.roersma@hotelfacilityconcepts.com