With Floor-Jan as the new Operations Director Europe, HFC wants to keep growing in Europe. How and why? Well, Floor-Jan has a clear vision. With 5 questions we asked him to introduce himself and to tell us more about the growth ambitions of HFC. 

Looking at your LinkedIn profile, we see that the hospitality industry is the recurring theme in your career so far. What is it that fascinates you in the industry? 
“True, with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve worked for various leading hotel chains, like Eden Hotels, Hampshire Hospitality and Bilderberg Hotels. I once started as a dishwasher, and over the years, I continued to grow to the role of Director Operations. I have always been fascinated by the constant dynamics in the hospitality industry. You are constantly focusing on getting the best out of employees who can develop and bring out their full potential to deliver the best service possible for their customers. This can happen on the highest level, but also like to just sit in a bar and see a decent steak being served with much passion. It is great to see people actively engaged in and passionate about their work.” 

After 20 years in the hospitality industry, what motivated you to come and work at Hotel Facility Concepts (HFC)? 
“Because of my hospitality background, I truly understand the needs of hoteliers when it comes to facility management. As Director Operations I think along on a strategic level with the managing boards of big hotel chains, and I translate the strategy into an implementation plan with which the facilities team of HFC goes to work. It is my role to translate what we agree on strategically, to a sustainable and long-lasting cooperation.” 

What is your biggest challenge at HFC? 
“It is my challenge at HFC to establish further growth in Europe. I am convinced that HFC is ready for the next step. The passion and commitment at HFC are impressive and I am surprised by the expertise, dynamics, and specialism within our organization. It is my task to build on this with clear responsibilities and a clear vision to further strengthen our foundation and put the structure in place that is needed for growth. A solid base is essential if we want to take the next steps in Europe. Growth, to me is innovation, development, but also change. Positive change. This means we also must further build the relationships with our customers, industry and suppliers. These are the first steps I want to take the next months.” 

In your vision, what makes HFC the right partner for the hospitality industry? 
The real added value of HFC lies in its international experience and the complete solutions we offer in the field of integrated facility management. We specialize in offering matching facility solutions with the right partners and safeguarding quality for our customers. In my view, a hotelier should not have to worry about facility services, but be able to focus on running the hotel, satisfied customers, and employees. Looking at the challenges in the job market, for instance when looking for good cleaners and suppliers, HFC is the right partner to unburden the hotelier. As a hotelier it means you only have to deal with one partner, HFC.” 

 What is it you are looking forward to most, seeing the ambition to grow in Europe and therefore strengthen the foundation within HFC? 
“I am a team player and I love to celebrate people when they achieve success. So, I am really looking forward to the first successes of our team. I can be sincerely happy when we make real progress. You need to compliment people, but also tell them how they can improve, and be open and transparent about it. I am confident that we will succeed in this, together with everyone involved. We want to stretch ourselves, to exceed the expectations of our customers and further reinforce the hospitality industry.    

Any final thoughts about HFC you want to share with us? 
“I want everyone to know that HFC is a passionate, international strategic partner in integrated facility management. We offer high-quality facility solutions and continuously strive for innovation and growth. But we also understand the challenges and needs of the hospitality industry, and we are dedicated to supporting our customers in achieving success and contributing to an optimal guest journey. Together with our team, I am convinced that we will get amazing results with our customers.” 

How can you bring the Integrated Facility Management and Hospitality factor to a higher level within your organization? For more information, please to contact Commercial Director Kimberley Roersma 06 54 91 86 62.