It's essential to maintain quality standards of cleanliness and sanitation to win the trust and loyalty of the guests. Low standards of cleanliness can cost hospitality businesses more than just happy customers. Failure to uphold hygiene practices in the hotel industry can lead to bad reviews, damaged reputations, and a less-than-pleasant visit.

When we think of hotel room cleanliness, we come up with clean linen, bathroom, windows, and floor. But what about the bed? Anne Catherine (Area Manager Paris) shares her challenges in keeping the hotel bed clean with dog detection. The hotels receive a certificate every year. Enjoy reading.

Biggest hygiene challenges
"Bugs are present in hotels and transportations all around the world. We have multiple challenges to manage. First, we must treat the rooms where a guest or a hotel staff has seen bugs. A human can react several days after contact with a bug, and some people will never notice any reaction. Then it's a real challenge to decide if we will treat a room or not. Moreover, we faced the challenge of checking if the treatment was working. Another real challenge is that the treatment must kill the bugs and the eggs."

Certifying a safe hotel
"We found collaboration with EcoFlair yearly since 2018 in Paris. They help us with being proactive and treating the room with efficiency. EcoFlair certifies our hotel as safe for guests and checks the rooms after a complaint and a treatment. EcoFlair is checking hotels, cinemas, flats, entire buildings with dogs. On the same idea that the dogs can find weapons, drugs, or humans in the snow, EcoFlair trained their dogs to detect bugs and bugs eggs. The dogs have sensitive noses, making them the ideal bed bug detection tool. The bed bug dogs have been specially trained to detect bed bugs with amazing accuracy. They recognize the scent of live bed bugs and their eggs. They can differentiate between live and dead bugs and bed bugs and the debris they leave behind (cast-off skins and faeces). We leave nothing to chance. They are professional and certificate all our client hotels rooms. It's a real reassurance for the hotels."

Efficiency is integral to our success
“EcoFlair is certificating our client hotels and helps maintain a low budget of treatment as some guests sometimes complain after some bits made earlier in transportation or another hotel. It's essential also to be sure that the treatments made in rooms are reliable and efficient. The treatment is working at 90%: EcoFlair is helping us with the 10%.”

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Janin Price - Dompig

Janin Price - Dompig

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